Thursday, December 12, 2019
News and Notes

The International Society of Environmental Indicators (ISEI) and its journal, Environmental Indicators (JEI), seeks to explore the scientific bases and uses of indicators (biological, chemical, physical) and biomarkers as they relate directly to specific measurable effects in ecological and human populations from environmental exposures. Emphasis is placed on the application of molecular to landscape level indicators as tools to help in understanding the probability that the presence of a contaminant(s) or other disturbances in the ambient environment that may produce an adverse effect in exposed receptors or populations, the degree of harm that may be indicated, and the integration of these data to characterize environmental health. Environmental indicators range from molecular and genetic indicators to landscape-level indictors reflecting the conditions of the human and ecological environments.


It is the objective of the Society to provide an empirically-derived foundation in the use of indicators to help define environmental health and requisite protection or restoration needs, and from which responsible action, including informed and cost-effective regulatory endpoints, can be developed. 

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